A Family Tradition in Western
Australian Hardwoods.

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Hardwood Timber Supplies, Gluts & Crane Mats WA

Our family run business have been servicing Western Australia with an exceptional line of bespoke timber products for in excess of 30 years. Offering a first rate service and excellent customer relations for both residential and commercial customers, our exhaustive range of products are well-known for quality, strength and durability.
Having forged long standing relationships with mining and construction companies in WA, we’ve also become the leading supplier to these industries and provide a wide range of services:

  • Lightweight pine gluts, pallets and dunnage
  • Heavy duty crane mats and outrigger pads
  • Bearers, decking, panelling and flooring


Commercial and Domestic Solutions

Boasting a wide selection of fine wood products from flooring and panelling to decking and even furniture timbers which bestow a special kind of warmth and beauty to any setting they are placed within. Our clients tell us they are confident in the knowledge that the timber supplied by Middlesex Mill consistently meets their specifications and high standards.

Lightweight and durable, we provide dunnage and standard square pine gluts for all your packing and stacking needs, and can also provide specialised configurations designed for specific jobs. Our wide variety of crane mats are instilled with strength and rigidity which is proven to support and withstand up to 750 tonnes, this enables your machinery to operate at the maximum potential. We also supply outrigger pads with integrated ropes and end plates to ensure ease of use. All products are custom made to order and assembled onsite.

During the manufacturing process of all sleepers, bearers and decking, care is also taken that natural resources are managed carefully and efforts are made to ensure that ecologically sustainable practises are followed at all times.

Domestic Industrial

For further information and details regarding our services please feel free to contact us via email or call us directly on 08 9777 1996.