A Family Tradition in Western
Australian Hardwoods.

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A natural product like timber can make your house a home. The special blend of warm colours in our flooring range will help create a spectacular look and have your guests complimenting your taste. We can help you find that unique feature fine wood for your stylish new table and chairs. Whatever you need, we offer our guidance and expertise in selecting the right product for you.


Flooring, Decking and Paneling
When searching for an attractive flooring it is difficult to go past timber. There are a number of options and it can be a lengthy process in deciding. We can assist you with any queries you may have, just contact our sales representatives for some friendly advice.


Architraves & Skirting Boards
When putting those finishing touches on your timber features consider our range of skirting & architraves with a number of sytlish profiles. Available in most wood species.

We can supply Square Dressed, Tongue & Groove, Secret Nail and V-Line Paneling
SIZES Select STD FTR STD + Better FTD Select STD FTR
90×10 or 12 Square Dress  
85×10 or 12 V-Line/T&G  
85×19 T&G      
120×19 T&G      
105×12 T&G      
85×20 Reeded Decking          
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Furniture Timber
We commonly stock a variety of dry furniture timbers from feature to select up to 250mm wide and 50mm thick. These timbers are used extensively by fine craftsmen but are equally useable by any home handyman, hobbyist or craft enthusiast.
Using a timber for your bench top brings a little bit of nature indoors. We have dry natural one-piece slabs in various sizes and grades. We also manufacture laminated tops to suit your dimensions and grade requests.