A Family Tradition in Western
Australian Hardwoods.

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We know that strength and durability are a priority for industrial materials. We also know that time is not always on your side and you may need an order fast. Our clients rely on our efficient turn around and have total confidence in the performance of our product.
Large Sections
We can provide cut to order, green sawn large sections including gluts, bearers, pylons, sleepers or any size dunnage.
Crane Mats
Our design has proven to hold cranes up to 750T. We assemble the mats on site and deliver them ready to use. Made from high-density hardwoods, these mats are built to ensure you get maximum performance from your machinery. We can build mats up to 6m in length and 400mm thick. We also supply timber for Low-loading decks and Outrigger pads.
Outrigger Pads

We custom build your outrigger pads to suit varied size requirements for lifting and stability.  Designs can include end plates and rope handles for your convenience and ease of handling.

Depending on its purpose we provide structural timbers green or dry. From beams and bush poles to rough sawn materials we do the lot.