About Us

Long before it was fashionable Middlesex Mill campaigned for ecologically sustainable forest management policies and a “value adding” commitment to the already valuable unique hardwood resources of Jarrah, Karri, Marri and Blackbutt.

As the availability of the resource rapidly diminishes, so the demands for “value adding” increase in intensity. While Middlesex Mill produces, cut to order, green and dry sawn timber in each of the four species, we seek to ensure that from feature to premium grade the aim is to maximize the recovery of our product and finding a value for any waste.

As a young, ambitious miller, Tony Drake recognised the potential of a number of underrated hardwoods, including Blackbutt, as a feature timber resource rather than the wasteful milling of the species at the time.  When no other miller was interested in this species, he fought hard to create a contract to showcase the future possibilities.

Tony also challenged the current milling processes highlighting the need to create a better management of grading and allocation. Since then, a variety of hardwoods have become sought after furniture and flooring products making WA popular for its timber varieties.

Some 15 years ago Tony handed the role of manager over to his eldest son Michael. Michael having grown up with the industry has a deep appreciation and a vast knowledge of this resource. Today, 35 years on, Middlesex Mill has grown to become a respected and highly capable milling establishment. Being based in the heart of ‘Tall Timber Country’ means we live and breathe our product.

Middlesex Mill - Always Working Towards a Better Service and a Higher Quality Product.