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Slabbing & Wide Planing

Feature Timber Slabbing

We have one of the largest horizontal Band Saws in Australia, making us capable of milling slabs up to 2m in width. We can process logs with acute specifications losing only 2mm with every cut, a precision not available at many other mills. Slabbing can be done up to 20m in length and any thickness. You will reduce your workload, as our finish is a lot smoother than other forms of slabbing.

In addition to slabbing we can also offer Wide Planing, Dressing & Finishing services.



On site there are 3 large Kilns with 80 cubic metre capacity per kiln. We can offer you a cut and dry service, delivering your timber ready to install.



Since we have a huge variety of clientele, we cater to a diverse range of needs. We can heat treat your hardwood to ISPM15 or treat to meet AS1604 H4 standards, (suitable for Barrow Island).

Customise Your Service

Commercial Fencing

If you cannot see a service to suit your needs please feel free to contact us for a potential solution. We often add new abilities to our business and many of our clients request modern styles and milling methods. We are certainly happy to discuss exciting new options with you.

Wood Chipping

Commercial Nature Playground

We have recently added chipping to our services. Please contact our manager for queries regarding supply.

Welding services contracted by Mad Welding


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